All Kerala Young Scientist [AKYS]

All Kerala Young Scientist [AKYS] is a flagship event of IEEE MBCET that focuses on the creativity of first year students. But this event is not just limited to the students of our SB alone. Just like the name suggests, it’s an all-Kerala event that brings together first year students from different colleges across Kerala and provides a networking platform to interact and exchange ideas with each other. AKYS provides a great platform to meet and interact with peers that come from different college atmospheres; to discuss and interact with each other.

All Kerala Young Scientist [AKYS] is generally conducted during Crossroads – the TechnoCultural Fest of Mar Baselios College of Engineering & Technology. Crossroads is generally conducted in the month of February every year.

The preliminary round of AKYS itself contains 2-3 rounds out of which only one is decided by IEEE MBCET. The other rounds are given at the liberty of the host college to conduct. After the preliminary rounds in the parent colleges, the host colleges are allowed to choose 5 finalists based upon their performance in the Preliminary Round. These 5 finalists from each participant college then gather at IEEE MBCET to compete for the title of the All Kerala Young Scientist.

The final all-Kerala level of AKYS again contains more than 3 rounds that closely evaluates the personality, creativity and talent of each participant to elect the All Kerala Young Scientist.

Though there is a certain amount of formality, technicalities, etc to the event, we’ve always tried to keep it as interesting and fun-filled for the fresh participants of AKYS.